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Air Conditioning makes warm and humid environments bearable. Modern air conditioning units adjust humidity, purify rooms, and channel in fresh air from outside to keep environments in perfect harmony, removing harmful allergens and fumes from the air. Controls enable users to fine-tune their interior environments. Some systems even feature internet-based remote monitoring, allowing building managers to adjust their units from a remote location.

Air Conditioning Sussex

Advanced technologies recover heat from refrigeration and air conditioning generating low-cost heat while reducing carbon emissions. Sensors automatically shut off units when not in use, further reducing ecological footprints. With global warming ever increasing we have noticed the increase in demand for air conditioning here in the UK.

So how does air con work?

The air flows over some chiller tubes inside which a coolant fluid is circulating. This part of the unit works just like the chiller part of a refrigerator. It cools down the incoming air and a dehumidifier removes any excess moisture. The air then travels passed a heating element (similar to the one in a fan heater). A fan then pushes the air back through another grill into the room. If the heating element is turned down, the air re-entering the room is much cooler, so the room gradually cools down. Over time, the heat inside the building pumps away into the outside air and you are left with a cool and comfortable room.

Carrick Electrical Ltd are designers, suppliers, installers and provide maintenance for Air Conditioning.

Air conditioning is ideal for the following locations :
  • Garages
  • Offices
  • Warehouses
  • Homes
  • Workshops
  • Loft conversions

Carrick Electrical Ltd Install wall mounted units, ceiling mounted climate control, heat pumps and maintenance and repairs. We have a vast amount of knowledge in the design and installation of air con. We will calculate and provide the correct system for your property providing you with optimum performance and the ideal solution. We also offer maintenance contracts to all existing and non customers.

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