PAT Testing Sussex

PAT testing Sussex or portable appliance testing Sussex is an important aspect of any organisations health and safety policy to ensure no danger to staff using electrical equipment within the work environment. PAT testing is the process of periodically testing electrical appliances to ensure they are maintained and safe to use.

PAT Testing Sussex

Equipment is categorized into 5 different classes. These classes are : 0, 1, 01, 2 and 3. Classes 0 and 01 are very rare and are not used commonly.


Class 1 – Examples of class 1 equipment are things such as toasters, kettles, irons, microwaves, refrigerators, freezers, tumble driers and washing machines etc. These will receive tests including insulation resistance and earth continuity. Insulation resistance checks the integrity of the cable insulation and earth continuity checks that the appliance has a suitable earth and therefor is protected.


Class 2 – Examples of class 2 equipment are televisions, lamps, dvd players, hair dryers and power tools. These will receive tests such as an insulation resistance test.


Class 3 – Power supply will be tested however class 3 equipment relies on protection from a seperated extra low voltage (SELV) which is less than 50v AC or 120v DC. These therefor do not require testing.


IT equipment will have an earth continuity test of 100mA (milliamps) and a insulation resistance test at a lower voltage of 250v DC. Carrick Electrical Ltd will come to your place of work and test the portable appliances for you and then we will label all equipment with test stickers and provide you with a certificate for your records.
We recommend that you have all portable appliances PAT tested at least once every year.

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